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Thank you for helping us to heal others.  

Voices 4 One World are: Musicians and Singers whose Individual talents comprise the backbone of the Music Industry. They are the UnSung Heroes who have helped elevate yesterday’s and today’s stars into “household names!” 

These very same performers have donated their time and talents so that our song, “ONE WORLD,” can help make OUR WORLD a better one to live in.

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The Covid-19 epidemic has ground the performance business to a halt.

There are no music tours, there are no live performances in public.
No venues are open to hear music and see musicians play.
No films are being filmed needing soundtracks.
Broadway and the London stage are closed down.

  • All Live Music has, for the moment, stopped cold. 

Families are trying to survive, and the children of First Responders are struggling while their parents are out there trying to save lives.

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The Origins of “One World”…Our Song

Photo of The Composers on www.oneworldoursong.com

Four songwriters wrote “One World” together when they met in a hotel room at the Hotel Rossya in Moscow in 1988, during Glasnost.

They were Franke Previte and Pamela Phillips Oland from the USA, and Sergei Manoukyan and Mikk Targo from Tallin, Estonia.

Their song celebrated the first ever American-Soviet Arts Exchange, the coming together of 22 songwriters from America and as many from the Soviet Union, for nearly 2 weeks of songwriting in Tallin, Estonia, Moscow and Leningrad. The song “One World” was included in the commemorative album.

The convocation, at the height of Glasnost, was the brainchild of songwriter Alan Roy Scott, for his Music Bridges organization, conjointly with Finnish entrepreneur Antero Päiväläinen, who drew upon relationships in the Soviet Union to arrange and pave the way for this groundbreaking event. Robyn Whitney of Private Island Trax Studio in LA, handled the logistics.

It was a trip of a lifetime for all.

American Songwriter Participants included Michael Bolton, Diane Warren, Mike Stoller, Barry Mann, Desmond Child, Brenda Russell, Franne Golde, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, Franke Previte, Pamela Phillips Oland, Paul Chiten, Cyndi Lauper, Harold Payne, Todd Cerney, Albert Hammond, Alan Roy Scott, Sue Shifrin, Gregory Abbott and Holly Knight.