Bio – Randy Jacobs


Incredibly working professionally at the age of 13, Randy Jacobs began as a guitar prodigy who early on lent his talents to Detroit songwriters such as Sylvia Moy (“Ma Cherie Amour”) and Barrett Strong (“Money”). 

He developed a proprietary “non-plectrum” guitar style, working with Michael Henderson (Miles Davis’ bassist/singer) right out of high school.

He soon wrote R&B Top 5 hit “Wide Receiver,” and wrote the hit “Walk the Dinosaur,” when he joined the band Was (Not Was).

  • Later he joined Soul Mission, eventually creating his own band The Boneshakers.

"I have to say the ElectraJet VT is truly my all time favorite Grosh and I have four Grosh guitars. It's beautiful to look at and sounds amazing ... It is incredibly versitile. Love it Love it. Of course my Retros are amazing too!"

Randy Jacobs